Welcome to the ABCD Family Planning Partnership!

If you’re an individual seeking confidential information about family planning and reproductive health, our network of community health centers, school-based health centers, and hospital primary care programs provides a range of services to meet your needs.

If you’re a healthcare professional, the ABCD Family Planning Training Institute, provides mandatory and elective accredited training on family planning, reproductive health and sexuality education for healthcare providers, counselors, educators, and other community health workers. Title X, the government-supported family planning service, has helped under-resourced Americans access reproductive health services since 1970. ABCD (Action for Boston Community Development) has been a Title X grantee since 1973.

ABCD Health Services also conducts mandatory trainings on current reproductive health topics several times a year. These trainings are required for certified family planning counselors in ABCD family planning funded sites. Additionally, specialized trainings on family planning and reproductive health topics are available for community and health care agencies by special arrangement with ABCD staff.

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Welcome to our non-profit organization, providing comprehensive online learning resources for healthcare professionals in the field of Family Planning. Explore our training materials, educational events, and other resources tailored for RNs, HR departments, Advanced Practice Nurses, and Physician Assistants.

To learn more about ABCD Health Services programming, training opportunities and partnerships please email: nancy.paladino@bostonabcd.org with “INFORMATION” in the subject line.


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About the Network

See the map below for health centers in the Boston area where you can get family planning medical and counseling services. When you call a center, ask to speak with a family planning counselor or nurse. If you need more help, please call ABCD at 617.348.6000 and ask to speak with someone in Health Services.